#1 ‘R’ of Downtown Achieves: Research

  • The 4 R’s of Downtown Achieves are: Research, Relationships, Resources, and Results. Downtown Achieves is data-driven; research is being systemically gathered, beginning at the elementary school level, then middle school, and finally high school. The purpose of the stair-stepped approach is to start tracking early in a child’s academic career, and follow them throughout their k-12 career.
  • Partnering with an independent voice in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), we are capturing data from the eleven Downtown Achieves schools & our community, and creating specific, measurable strategies, driven by data, to implement, track and analyze results. The long-term goal is to replicate the model across the community & beyond.
  • Through a collaborative award granted to UNLV and Downtown Achieves, in 2015, UNLV embeddied PhD Special Education students at six Downtown Achieves campuses. The students will assist with data collection, tracking and analysis on campuses, for a four-year period, to measure success.

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