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Las Vegas Downtown Achieves Vision

Academic success for every student through collective community action.

Downtown Achieves: A Collective Impact Model

Las Vegas Downtown Achieves (DA) creates the conditions necessary for children to realize their full potential. More than 75 organizations and community leaders have come together to create a collective that is focused on supporting and enhancing schools in Downtown Las Vegas. Collective impact is the pledge from a group of leaders, from different sectors, to a common agenda for solving a complex social problem. The underlying premise of collective impact is that no single organization can create large-scale, lasting social change alone. We believe it takes a community to make a classroom.


In Nevada, one in four children are living in poverty, and the number is on the rise. Too many of our children living in poverty, are unable to read, write or do math on a grade-appropriate level. This conditions result in a generation of students who drop out of high school and cost our community more than $1 billion in lost lifetime earnings each year.

We believe that we all have a moral obligation to improve the economic vitality of our Las Vegas community and it begins with an educated workforce. Our children are the future leaders of our community; we can’t sit idly by knowing the negative economic impact of this achievement gap – let alone the potentially missed opportunities for students. Therefore, DA is committing three valuable resources: time, people and funding.


By partnering with our education and community leaders, we will identify needs, forge new partnerships and consolidate resources from the private, non-profit and public sectors. Through this collaboration, we will work to implement systems that better serve our students. We recognize this is a systemic change; it will take time, but working together will increase

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