Youth and Education at the city of Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is dedicated to improving the educational experience of young people through partnerships with the Clark County School District, non-profit agencies and before and after school programs. The City Council has made education a priority through programs like Safekey, Las Vegas Downtown Achieves and the Las Vegas My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. Key city priorities, such as neighborhoods, all hinge on whether children enter kindergarten ready to succeed, develop to their full capacity during the school years, and graduate from high school prepared for post-secondary education and a career.

The city of Las Vegas has committed to addressing the achievement gap of students in the urban core by developing impact zones to prove what’s possible for students when funding, policy, community engagement, and school leadership align. Rather than testing a concept in all schools across an entire system, the city will facilitate concept testing in a focused target area across multiple systems. Currently there are 16 schools within the impact zone, which represents two collective impact models: Las Vegas Downtown Achieves and the Las Vegas My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.

Las Vegas Downtown Achieves includes the follow eleven school. These schools fall within two school feeder patterns that roll up to Valley or Western High School to maximize data tracking efficiency and effectiveness. Downtown Achieves launched in October 2013:

Elementary Schools: Crestwood, Ruth Fyfe, Howard Hollingsworth, Robert E. Lake, JT McWilliams, John S. Park, and Twin Lakes.

Middle Schools: John C. Fremont and Robert O. Gibson

High Schools: Valley and Western

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